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July 01, 2015

Jeb Bush's Giving Totaled 1.5% of Income From 2007 to 2013

Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush made $29 million in his first seven years after leaving Florida's governorship, and he and his wife donated $431,056 to charity in that period, about 1.5 percent of their adjusted gross income, Bloomberg writes, citing tax filings made public Tuesday.

In a show of transparency, Mr. Bush released 33 years' worth of tax returns that detailed how consulting contracts, speaking fees, and investments have swelled his wealth since 2007.

Mitt Romney,the 2012 GOP nominee whose wealth far exceeds Mr. Bush's, donated about 29 percent of his income to charity in 2011. The Obamas reported giving away 14.8 percent of their earnings last year. Mr. Bush, who has not yet released his latest tax return, said in a letter on his website that he contributed $739,000 to charity from 2007 through 2014, indicating a substantial increase in giving last year, according to Mother Jones.