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August 01, 2014

Jimmy Savile Charity Fighting Payout Plan for Abuse Victims

A charity associated with Jimmy Savile, the popular British TV personality exposed after his death as a serial child molester, is seeking to block a compensation scheme for his victims even though it would not be liable for any payments, The Independent and the BBC report.

A U.K. appeals court granted the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust permission to file suit over the plan, according to a law firm representing 176 abuse victims. The payouts are to be made by Mr. Savile's estate; the BBC, where he worked for decades; and Britain's National Health Service. Investigators have said Mr. Savile sexually abused dozens of girls at NHS hospitals to which he had unrestricted access through his charity work on behalf of sick children.

The Leeds-based trust—which had announced plans to close in 2012 in the fallout from the scandal—stands to receive assets from Mr. Savile's estate left over after victim payments. The charity said it was concerned about fees that will go to lawyers and banks as part of the plan. "We feel strongly that the estate funds should either go to the claimants, or to beneficiaries of the estate (including the charity)," trustees said in a statement.