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July 20, 2016

Judge Ups Sentence for Detroit Clergyman in Charity Theft

A Detroit priest was resentenced Tuesday to three to 20 years in prison for stealing from an anonymously financed fund to help the region’s poor, reports The Detroit News. The Rev. Timothy Kane was originally ordered to serve 12 months spread out over five years, but a Wayne County, Mich., judge sided with prosecutors who appealed the sentence, calling it too light.

Mr. Kane was found guilty in 2014 of using straw applicants to secure grants from the Angel Fund — a philanthropic pot financed by an unidentified donor family that disbursed $17 million through the Archdiocese of Detroit from 2005 to 2014 — and taking kickbacks from the ostensible grantees. He has been ordered to pay $131,400 in restitution.

Circuit Court Judge Margaret Van Houten said prison-recorded phone conversations showed Mr. Kane to be a “ringleader” of the scam who warranted a tougher sentence.