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November 11, 2014

Knight VP to Represent Foundations on Detroit Museum's Board

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation executive Dennis Scholl was named Monday as an observer of the Detroit Institute of Arts board, representing the philanthropies investing $366-million in the "grand bargain" aimed in part at protecting the museum's collection, the Detroit Free Press writes. Mr. Scholl, Knight's vice president of arts, was appointed by the Foundation for Detroit's Future, the nonprofit entity established to handle the grand bargain funds.

Knight was among 10 national and local foundations that contributed to the $816-million pot to shore up Detroit's pension system and shield the institute from a possible sale of its works amid the city's bankruptcy case. The grand bargain was key to the city's reorganization plan, approved Friday by a bankruptcy judge. Mr. Scholl has served on the boards and executive committees of art museums in Florida and Colorado.

The Free Press also reports on the Detroit Institute's future at the seeming end of seven years of financial and political turmoil that followed its grand reopening in 2007, and on how the city's big automakers came together to help finance the museum's $100-million pledge to the grand bargain fund.