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October 09, 2014

Komen Deal With Fracking Firm Raises 'Pinkwash' Charges

Susan G. Komen has forged a yearlong partnership with oilfield-services company Baker Hughes that will see the Houston company sell 1,000 pink-painted industrial drill bits, Huffington Post and International Business Times write. Komen critics denounced the deal as an example of "pinkwashing" because Baker Hughes is involved in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a gas-extraction process that uses chemicals that some studies have linked to increased cancer risk.

Baker Hughes will also donate $100,000 to Komen, the world's largest breast-cancer charity. A Komen spokeswoman said the alliance grew out of the company's involvement in the charity's Race for the Cure in Houston and that "the evidence to this point does not establish a connection between fracking and breast cancer." Breast Cancer Action, an advocacy group that highlights possible environmental causes for the disease and has criticized Komen's focus on awareness campaigns, called the partnership "ludicrous."