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July 21, 2014

Komen Has 'Moved Past' Planned Parenthood Flap, Leader Says

Judith Salerno, chief executive of Susan G. Komen, says the breast-cancer charity has moved on from the uproar that erupted in early 2012 over its short-lived cancellation of grants to Planned Parenthood, the Associated Press writes.

"I think we as an organization have moved past it, and I think that's the important thing," Ms. Salerno told the news service Friday during a Komen leadership meeting in Fort Worth, Tex. "I hope that people who still have some lingering concerns about us will know that we are focused: We have a singular focus, and that's saving lives from breast cancer."

Ms. Salerno, a physician with a background in health policy and research, replaced Komen founder Nancy Brinker as CEO last year. Several high-ranking executives left the charity in the wake the Planned Parenthood flap, which appeared to embroil the cancer foundation in abortion politics.

The Dallas-based group's most recent financial statements show its fundraising dropped from about $164 million to $128 million from March 2012 to March 2013. Ms. Salerno said the foundation will team up with other organizations on research efforts to make the most efficient use of its diminished funds.