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May 28, 2015

Kremlin Declares Mogul's Science Charity a 'Foreign Agent'

A Russian law ostensibly intended to prevent foreign interests from meddling in the country's internal affairs has ensnared a charity founded by a wealthy businessman to promote science education, Reuters writes. Russia's Justice Ministry has added Dynasty to a register of nonprofits designated as "foreign agents" under a 2012 law that had to date targeted human-rights groups and organizations critical of President Vladimir Putin.

Dynasty runs science fairs in remote Russian regions, publishes textbooks, and supports projects to help gifted students. A Justice Ministry statement said a routine check on the  foundation showed it gets money from foreign sources and is involved in political activity, but it did not give further details.

The charity was founded by Dmitry Zimin, a former telecommunications magnate who now focuses on philanthropy. According to Russian media, Mr. Zimin finances Dynasty through entities outside the country that he controls. He told Reuters that he will shutter the group if the "foreign agent" designation holds.