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August 18, 2016

Ky. Charities Balk at Plan to Link Medicaid and Volunteering

Nonprofits in Kentucky are raising alarms over Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to require some of the state’s Medicaid recipients to volunteer in their communities to receive benefits, writes the Lexington Herald Leader.

The Kentucky Nonprofit Network, which represents nearly 600 organizations, said in a letter this week to the governor’s office that its members lack the space and resources to accommodate, train, supervise, and, in some cases, do criminal-background checks on a potential influx of tens of thousands of unpaid helpers.

Mr. Bevin is calling for a “community engagement” provision requiring able-bodied Medicaid beneficiaries to have or be looking for work, take classes, or volunteer to qualify for the health coverage. The state estimates the proposal would affect some 215,000 people. Adam Meier, the Republican governor’s chief of staff, said the decision on whether to participate will be left to individual nonprofits.