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August 13, 2014

L.A. Council Seeks Exit in Dispute With Union-Led Nonprofits

Los Angeles legislators are pursuing a plan aimed at ending the city's contentious fight with a major public employees' union over spending by two nonprofit organizations affiliated with the labor group, the Los Angeles Times and public radio station KPCC report.

A resolution proposed Tuesday by five City Council members would release a $4-million payment to the nonprofits, run jointly by the city Department of Water and Power and its biggest union, if they meet a series of conditions. These include ending ongoing court fights over the groups' financial records and agreeing to fiscal and performance audits.

City leaders said last month that they were withholding the contracted allocation to the Joint Training Institute and the Joint Safety Institute over the union's refusal to turn over records showing how the nonprofits have used some $40-million in previous disbursements.

Annual payments to the nonprofits, formed in early 2000s to improve labor-management relations, are enshrined in the water and power agency's deal with Local 18 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Council members raised concerns that the  feud could endanger the larger labor contract, which they said has saved the utility $450-million.