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April 10, 2014

Labor Group Seeks Freeze on San Diego Opera's Assets

The union representing San Diego Opera singers and chorus members is asking the National Labor Relations Board to pursue an injunction freezing the shuttering organization's assets to ensure its contracts with performers are paid off, reports U-T San Diego.

The American Guild of Musical Artists has filed two claims of unfair labor practices against the opera in connection with the planned shutdown. The union said it wants an injunction to ensure the opera retains assets to pay singers who have signed deals to perform in future years, contracts a guild attorney said could be worth up to $1-million in total.

The opera's board voted for closure last month, saying the company will face severe financial constraints if it continues operating. Some board members have said they are open to reconsidering, and the panel agreed to delay the planned closing date from April 14 to April 29 to explore other options. A group, including some opera employees, that opposes the shutdown lobbied the City Council on Tuesday to get involved in the matter.