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March 31, 2015

Lawmakers Drop Bill on UConn Foundation Financial Disclosure

A Connecticut legislative panel failed to vote Monday on a proposal to subject the flagship state university's nonprofit fundraising arm to sunshine laws, effectively killing the measure, the Hartford Courant writes. The government administration and elections committee rejected Sen. Michael McLachlan's motion to force a vote on the bill, which would make the University of Connecticut Foundation subject to the state's Freedom of Information Act, preventing it from moving on to the full House and Senate.

University and foundation officials strongly opposed the measure, saying that treating the private organization like a state agency could chill giving because many donors want to remain anonymous. Proponents said the measure could exempt donors from disclosure while still providing greater openness on foundation spending, which has long been criticized by some lawmakers. "We can't say that the University of Connecticut Foundation is not intricately part of the University of Connecticut," Mr. McLachlan said.