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October 13, 2014

Leading Ebola Researcher Crowdfunding for Work on a Cure

A scientist at the California research center leading a global effort to tackle the Ebola virus has turned to an online crowdfunding site to supplement federal money in the fight to find a cure, the Los Angeles Times reports. Erica Ollmann Saphire of the LaJolla-based Scripps Research Institute is seeking $100,000 in the campaign on charity-focused fundraising site CrowdRise.

Some two dozen laboratories in seven countries are sending antibodies to Scripps for a research team to test in the hunt for a combination that will beat back Ebola. "Dr. Saphire's lab relies on federal grant dollars, but as the scope of the outbreak expands, so does the need for financial resources," according to the Crowdrise appeal, which had raised about $10,000 as of Monday morning. "She is in a race against time—and limited funding—as the recent outbreak continues to claim more lives every day."