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January 05, 2015

Leading and Managing Nonprofits: the Best Advice of the Last Year

Julia Schmalz

Is raising awareness a waste of time?


Charities Try New Ways to Test Ideas Quickly and Polish Them LaterPremium Link

A management approach popular with tech companies called "lean start-up" is catching on in the nonprofit world. The emphasis is on experimentation and constant improvement.

Nonprofits Are Taking a Wide-Eyed Look at What Data Could DoPremium Link

Big data are changing the way charities make decisions about programs, solicit contributions, and push for social change.

Some Former CEOs Still Have Lucrative Deals at NonprofitsPremium Link

Arrangements that give former leaders millions for what critics say is a limited benefit to the charity around are raising eyebrows.

With a Few Pay-for-Success Plans Under Way, the Idea Is Gaining Currency and CriticismPremium Link

Concerns about cheating and the capacity of nonprofits to handle complicated projects are not getting enough attention, some say.

Dearth of Women Leaders Means Weaker Charities and Fewer Gifts, Poll FindsPremium Link

More than half of 650 women in a Chronicle survey aspire to be CEOs but believe that men with equal qualifications are more likely to get those posts.

Listen and Observe Are the Watchwords for New Chief ExecutivesPremium Link

New nonprofit leaders should cast a wide net instead of relying on a single ally in the organization.

An Unexpected Online Success Offers a Blueprint for Other NonprofitsPremium Link

A small "ragtag" team with no budget built an impressive audience on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr in just five years.

Caution: The Downsides of CrowdfundingPremium Link

The fundraising craze brings new money but also new legal and ethical concerns.

Is Raising Visibility a Waste of Time?Premium Link

Awareness campaigns can be a distraction from the work of a charity—without much of a payoff in the long term.