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July 29, 2014

Leaked Papers Show Nunn Campaign Worries on Nonprofit Record

An internal document prepared last year by Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn's campaign team raised concerns that aspects of her tenure leading voluntarism charity Points of Light could provide fodder for her opponents, The Washington Post and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution report.

The 144-page report, which was leaked and published online by conservative magazine the National Review, recommends that Ms. Nunn, a Democrat, tout her nonprofit record as a positive attribute but also points up potential vulnerabilities, including "grants to problematic entities" and "service awards to inmates, terrorists."

The National Review cites tax records in reporting that Points of Light awarded $33,000 to Islamic Relief USA, an independent affiliate of Islamic Relief Worldwide, an aid charity Israeli officials say has ties to Hamas. The Nunn campaign said Points of Light did not give money to Islamic Relief USA but rather validated it as a legitimate charity for inclusion in a donation program for eBay users.

Campaigns commonly vet their own candidates to identify possible lines of opposition attack. Nunn campaign officials said the leaked report was a draft written eight months ago and subject to change. The Republican Senate nominee in Georgia, businessman David Perdue, has denigrated Ms. Nunn’s credentials as a longtime nonprofit professional.