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July 24, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio Gala Raises $40 Million for Green Causes

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation collected more than $40 million Wednesday at a star-studded gala to raise money for environmentally focused grants, campaigns, and media efforts, reports the Associated Press.

The second annual foundation fundraiser in Saint-Tropez, France, included performances by Elton John and John Legend and a live auction of donated jewelry, artwork from Mr. DiCaprio's collection, and an estate on his private island in Belize.

The foundation, which the 40-year-old actor launched in 1998 to help protect the environment and wild-animal habitats, awarded $15 million in grants last week to 30 groups active in conservation efforts, including Amazon Watch and Save the Elephants. Mr. DiCaprio also serves on the board of several environmental groups.