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May 12, 2015

Likely Bush Campaign Advisers Working for Allied Nonprofit

A nonprofit policy organization started by a friend and political ally of Jeb Bush has hired several top advisers who are expected to join the former Florida governor's as-yet-unannounced presidential campaign, according to The Washington Post. The Post says Mr. Bush's seeming reliance on Right to Rise Policy Solutions ahead of his White House bid puts him on "untested legal ground," but a Federal Election Commission divided along partisan lines is unlikely to scrutinize the arrangement.

At least four likely future members of Mr. Bush's political team with expertise on energy issues, foreign policy, and communications are drawing salaries from the policy group, which can accept unlimited donations from undisclosed donors.

William Simon, a former member of Mr. Bush's Florida cabinet who formed Right to Rise earlier this year, said some members of his team are on short-term contracts to help the organization build policy positions and create a website, adding, "As the year progresses I expect that some will move on to other opportunities."