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September 12, 2014

Livestrong Gifts Fell by a Third After Armstrong Admission

Donations to the Livestrong Foundation dropped by 34 percent in 2013, a year that started with charity founder Lance Armstrong confessing that he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his storied cycling career, Bloomberg reports. The cancer organization took in $15-million last year, down from $22.7-million in 2012, according to tax filings.

The foundation's total revenue fell 38 percent to $23.3-million, with Nike, sunglasses maker Oakley, and other corporate partners terminating deals with Livestrong in the wake of the doping scandal. The charity, which last month made a 10-year, $50-million pledge to the University of Texas's Dell Medical School, cut spending from $38.2-million to $31.4-million in 2013.

Livestrong cut ties with Mr. Armstrong in November 2012, two months before he confessed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that he cheated in winning seven Tour de France titles.