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November 13, 2012

Livestrong Says No Donor Revolt From Lance Armstrong Scandal

The Lance Armstrong Foundation said its fundraising has risen since the release last month of a report on alleged doping by its namesake founder and that only eight donors have asked for their money back as a result of the scandal, USA Today writes. The cancer charity, widely known as Livestrong, said donations are up by 7 percent since the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency moved on Aug. 23 to strip Mr. Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and by 15 percent since the watchdog issued a compendium of its evidence that the cycling champion cheated throughout his career.

Mr. Armstrong quietly left the foundation's board of directors earlier this month, severing his last official tie with the charity he founded in 1997 after surviving testicular cancer. "The foundation is counting on him to remain an active advocate in the global cancer movement, and we certainly welcome his participation, however he chooses to be involved," said Katherine McLane, a Livestrong spokeswoman.