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December 29, 2015

Magazine Looks In-Depth at Ford Foundation's Transformation

The New Yorker examines how the Ford Foundation shaped its strategic shift to focus exclusively on economic and social inequality as part of a lengthy profile of Darren Walker, the philanthropy's president.

The 11,000-word piece looks at Mr. Walker's youth and education in Texas, his shift from corporate law to nonprofit and social-justice work, and the philosophical underpinnings of the Ford Foundation's new direction. The article also chronicles the foundation's history, its estrangement from and rapprochement with the Ford family, and its role in the $860 million "grand bargain" at the center of Detroit's bankruptcy reorganization.

Listen to a Chronicle of Philanthropy audio interview with Darren Walker about the Ford Foundation's inequality strategy and read an opinion piece by Mr. Walker and other foundation leaders on their commitments to Detroit's recovery.