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January 07, 2016

Major Companies Join Fight Against Ga. Religious-Liberty Bills

Some of the world's largest corporations have enlisted in an advocacy campaign against Georgia legislation opponents say would enshrine anti-gay discrimination and make the state an economic pariah, writes the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Google, AT&T, Home Depot, and UPS are among nearly 100 companies and universities that signed on to the "Georgia Prospers" effort launched Wednesday.

The campaign takes aim at bills that backers say are necessary to protect people from state interference with religious freedom and do not specifically target sexual minorities. A religious-liberty measure adopted in Indiana last year sparked national opposition, including among business leaders who said it would cost the state significant economic opportunities.

Georgia Prospers aims to show that "this is a welcoming state," said Dave Stockert, CEO of Atlanta-based residential developer Post Properties. "When people feel welcome, they feel at home and more likely to want to live here, more likely to invest here, more likely to open a business here."