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June 17, 2016

Mass. Foundation Leader Takes to Stump Against Trump

Bill Cummings, a usually apolitical Boston-area property mogul and philanthropist, has begun speaking out loudly against Donald Trump, writes The Boston Globe.

At an event hosted last week by his Cummings Foundation, the billionaire head of Woburn, Mass.-based Cummings Properties condemned “prejudice and intolerance” and urged attendees to “stand up to those who would use Adolf Hitler as their coach.” Mr. Cummings has also called out the presumptive Republican nominee in a recent college commencement address and a meeting of Catholic Charities.

A registered Independent who has largely steered clear of political activity, Mr. Cummings has not mentioned Mr. Trump by name in his broadsides but readily assents when asked if he is referring to the likely GOP standard-bearer. He said he fears Mr. Trump having the powers of the presidency. “A long time ago, in my childhood, I remember Mein Kampf, and what Trump is doing is what that book did: motivate the disaffected,” Mr. Cummings said.