From the Editor
February 27, 2015

Meet the New Chronicle of Philanthropy

Idit Knaan, for The Chronicle
Senior Editor Cody Switzer (front left) and Manager of Product Engineering Matt Good (front right) work with colleagues on the finishing touches of our print and online reinvention.

Dear Reader,

Changing the world just got easier.

Your Chronicle of Philanthropy subscription now gives you access online to hundreds of practical tools: checklists, templates, resource guides, videos, case studies, articles, and expert advice.    

That’s just one of the many valuable changes we’re unveiling this month to help you accomplish more in less time. We’ve applied our journalistic skills to gather unbiased, thoughtful information about the nonprofit world to give you the kind of trustworthy information you’d get if you could ask the very best nonprofit professionals for advice on accomplishing new tasks … or improving upon old ones.

In print, we’ve transformed our publication to focus every month on the big ideas and trends you need to understand what’s new in philanthropy and what’s coming next. We’ve also upgraded the quality of the graphics and design so it's easier to see what matters—all while maintaining the strong, independent reporting and analysis that you’ve come to rely on for more than a quarter of a century.

Online, we’ll provide you with even more fast-breaking news updates, in-depth articles, podcasts, and other valuable materials to help you keep up with what’s happening—plus, you’ll get access to everything we have published in print.

What’s more, as part of your subscription, you now have free access to GrantStation, a site that seeks to empower grant seekers by providing topnotch, carefully researched information about thousands of opportunities to apply for government and private grants.

Whether you are a grant maker, nonprofit leader, board member, or consultant, we have the tools you need to find out quickly what really works to raise money and provide strong leadership within your organization.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding new resources and features in print and online. And we will provide an even better service if you let us know what we can do better.

Write me at, and I’ll share your ideas for improvements with my colleagues.

Our goal as we reinvent The Chronicle is simple: We want to make it easier for you to put all of your time, imagination, and energy into changing lives. After all, that’s what matters most. 

Stacy Palmer

P.S.: We hope you’ll let your colleagues know about the great resources now available so they, too, can spend less time worrying about the basics and concentrate on their most important work as they make the world a better place.