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March 18, 2016

Mellon Grant Aims to Raise $75 Million for National Gallery

The National Gallery of Art announced a $30 million challenge grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Thursday that could bring the Smithsonian museum two and a half times the pledged amount, reports The Washington Post.

Made to mark the Washington institution's 75th anniversary, the grant includes an initial $15 million that must be matched by $45 million from other sources over the next five years. If the match is met, the foundation will kick in another $15 million, bringing the total take to $75 million.

All money raised through the challenge would provide endowment funds to support the National Gallery's digital programs, education, conservation, and Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts. Andrew Mellon donated his art collection and funding to create the National Gallery, which opened in 1941, and the namesake foundation has given $93 million to the museum.