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June 29, 2015

Mich. Appeals Court Puts New Charity-Poker Rules Into Effect

New regulations on charity poker events took effect in Michigan on Thursday under an order from the state Court of Appeals, reports Crain's Detroit Business.

The court, which last month declared the regulations valid, granted a request from the Michigan Gaming Control Board to implement the rules, including a requirement that charities show they do not exist simply to operate the lucrative fundraising known as "millionaire parties."

The restrictions proposed in May 2014 faced a legal challenge by the Michigan Charitable Gaming Association, individual nonprofits, and businesses that operate or provide supplies for poker rooms. The regulatory board, which has long sought stricter oversight of charity gambling, said it will begin issuing new licenses to hold millionaire parties this week.

Among other things, the new guidelines say that no more than two nonprofits a day can host events at a single site, and the amount of money in play on a single game is now capped at $15,000.