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June 01, 2015

Mich. Court Upholds State Limits on Charity Poker Games

The Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Friday in favor of state regulators seeking to impose new restrictions on charity gambling fundraisers known as "millionaire parties," reports the Detroit Free Press, The 2-1 decision reversed an August 2014 ruling by a state Court of Claims judge granting an injunction blocking implementation of the rules, which limit the number of charity poker and blackjack events and set a maximum amount of revenue that can go toward expenses.

The Michigan Charitable Gaming Association has been fighting the rules, which nonprofits say will severely restrict their fundraising capacity. Friday's ruling concerned a claim by the association that the state, having relaxed prior, more stringent proposed limits after getting feedback in a public hearing, should have held a second hearing to discuss the revisions. The appeals court sent the matter back to the Court of Claims, which is now expected to consider a separate procedural challenge to the restrictions.