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January 15, 2015

Michael Douglas Awarded $1-Million 'Jewish Nobel'

Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas has been named the second recipient of the Genesis Prize, the $1-million award inaugurated by a group of Russian Jewish philanthropists and the state of Israel to recognize work promoting and sustaining Jewish identity, reports The Jewish Week. Often referred to as the "Jewish Nobel," the prize was first given last year to media mogul and ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and will be presented to Mr. Douglas in June at a ceremony in Jerusalem.

Genesis Prize Foundation Chairman Stan Polovets said the organization aimed this year to emphasize "inclusiveness of Jews of intermarriage" in the larger faith community. Mr. Douglas's wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, is not Jewish, nor is his mother. Jewish on the side of his father, Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas has embraced his faith in recent years and said he would donate the prize money to causes that promote inclusion and diversity in Jewish life.

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