April 20, 2015

Michelle Nunn Tapped to Lead CARE USA

Michelle Nunn has been named chief executive of CARE USA, replacing Helene Gayle, who announced her resignation last October.

Michelle Nunn has been named chief executive of CARE USA, replacing Helene Gayle, who announced her resignation last October .
Ms. Nunn, 48, most recently led Points of Light, the country’s largest volunteer and civic-engagement charity. Last year she took a leave of absence from the organization to run for U.S. Senate in Georgia. She lost the race to Republican businessman David Perdue and returned to the volunteerism organization as a trustee.
During her Senate run, she drew criticism for taking a raise when Points of Light was laying off workers. The Nunn campaign responded that her salary of $350,000 was less than her predecessor’s and that Charity Navigator had defended nonprofit leaders with six-figure incomes for running multimillion-dollar organizations.
Ms. Nunn also co-founded and served as chief executive of Hands On Atlanta, which was renamed HandsOn Network. When the community-service organization merged with Points of Light in 2007, she continued to lead the combined organization.
In her new role leading the international anti-poverty organization CARE USA, she plans to continue "movement-building," strengthening the charity's foundation and its work in field offices.
"I'm drawn to the incredibly important work of trying to eradicate extreme poverty for over a billion people and doing that through empowering women and girls," said Ms. Nunn. "I hope that we can build upon the terrific foundation that exists, bringing innovation, the spirit of creativity, and working in partnership and collaboratively with organizations that are doing important work."
Points of Light operates in 29 countries, through Ms. Nunn's nonprofit experience has focused domestically. She did hold a three-year fellowship at the Kellogg Foundation, where she studied social-justice efforts around the world, and has spent time abroad meeting with nonprofit leaders, including some CARE field officers.
According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, Ms. Nunn was the front-runner among seven outside candidates.
Ms. Nunn’s ability to lead organizations during times of uncertainty, forge strong teams and coalitions, experiencing raising money, and strong relationships with both political parties made her a strong candidate for the position.
Her predecessor Dr. Gayle, is now leading a nonprofit started by the consulting company McKinsey and Company.
Ms. Nunn will begin her new post on July 1. CARE has not yet released her salary but says it will “will share that information as required of all nonprofits at the appropriate time.” She will also continue to serve on the Points of Light Board of Directors.