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April 08, 2016

Millions Raised by Trump Yet to Reach Veterans' Groups

Nineteen groups named by Donald Trump's presidential campaign as beneficiaries of his January rally for veterans have collectively received about $2.4 million of the event's estimated $6 million haul, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper based its figures on responses from most of the 22 charities the campaign listed as donation targets. CNN and The Washington Post reported last month that veterans organizations had received just under half of the money raised as a result of the January 29 rally in Des Moines, which Mr. Trump staged after bowing out of a Republican presidential debate that night.

The Trump camp has said the event brought in $6 million from the real-estate mogul's associates and public giving through the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said Mr. Trump "has distributed many of the contributions to a number of worthy organizations, and will continue to do so.” She declined to provide figures on the amount raised and disbursed or a breakdown of what various groups have received.

22Kill, a Texas-based veterans charity that took part in the January event and received $200,000, said it has seen a huge spike in donations as a result but has also lost backers due to its association with the controversial Trump campaign, Military Times writes.