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January 14, 2015

Mobile Donations a Low Priority at Many Nonprofits, Survey Suggests

Mobile donations and communication remain low priorities for many nonprofits, according to a survey released Wednesday by GiveCentral, an online donation platform.

Eighty nonprofit executives, 52 percent of whom work for religious, church-based groups, participated in the survey, which was designed to measure donor-management practices and challenges.

Only 23 percent of respondents work for nonprofits that measure mobile-payment processing, and only 6 percent have donors who pay by mobile device. Most leaders (89 percent) reported that they don’t have an organized text-message communication program for donors, while 3 percent send monthly text messages.

This trend may reflect the concern 52 percent of respondents had that their donors fear technological change. When asked an open-ended question about the biggest challenge related to donor management, one of the top three responses was the worry that donors don’t trust the security of online and mobile donation platforms.

The survey found that respondents believe traditional methods of communication—personal meetings and handwritten notes—are still the most effective ways to reach donors.

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