February 13, 2009

Mobile Phone Advocacy 101

Just how much has technology changed the world of advocacy?

A new course offered at Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a clue.

MIT is offering a new graduate-level seminar on the use of “mobile technologies for social change.”

“By the end of the class, we hope to collaboratively create new sociotechnical repertoires for social change and technical activism. In order to foster this creation, we aim to provide participants with overviews of the conceptual, technical, and historical space for mobile technologies in social change,” according to an online syllabus for the seminar.

The blog says the course is the first to focus exclusively on the use of mobile phones for social causes.

If you were structuring a graduate program on the use of technology for advocacy or fund raising, which topics do you think would merit their own courses? Click on the comments link below this post to share your thoughts.