September 20, 2010

More Canadians Than Americans Make Donations Online

Canadians are more likely than Americans to make donations online, according to preliminary findings from a new survey of 7,950 American and 7,050 Canadian donors.

Sixty-three percent of the American donors said they had already given online or planned to do so this year, while 72 percent of Canadians did.

The survey by Cygnus Applied Research, a Chicago research and consulting company, found that 75 percent of the Canadian donors said they would make at least one online transaction in 2010, a figure that increased to 90 percent among Canadian donors under age 35.

"Online giving has surpassed the tipping point," at least in Canada, said Penelope Burk, the president of Cygnus Applied Research. 

Ms. Burk and her colleagues speculated that one reason Canadians appear to be more comfortable donating online is that more of them have high-speed Internet access, which makes giving online quicker. As of 2009, they said, half of the Canadian population had high-speed access, while only 36 percent of Americans did.