October 25, 2012

Most Donors Plan to Give as Much or More in 2012, Survey Finds

Eighty-one percent of donors plan to contribute the same amount or more than in 2011, an annual survey by Fidelity Charitable finds.

That's a larger percentage of donors who said their giving for the year would remain steady or grow than in both 2011 (72 percent) and 2010 (63 percent).

Among the 571 adults in this year's survey, 29 percent said they would give more this year. Half the donors said that's because they got a new job or a raise or otherwise feel better about their personal finances

Donors said on average they would give $2,400 this year, up from $2,100 in 2011.

And most donors, 89 percent, said that giving to the presidential and other campaigns would not cause them to reduce their giving this year.

The survey findings provide encouraging news for fundraisers and charities, said Amy Danforth, Fidelity Charitable's senior vice president of marketing. "People are feeling better about their personal economic situation and gratified they can maintain or increase their giving."