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August 07, 2014

Muslim Charities Claim They Are Targeted by British Banks

Some Muslim charities in Britain say they might transfer their financial operations abroad to avoid having assets frozen by major financial institutions, Al Jazeera reports.

The weighing of options comes one week after HSBC sent letters to a London mosque, a Gaza-focused charity, and a prominent think tank leader saying they fall beyond the bank's "risk appetite" and directing them to withdraw all funds within two months.

Affected organizations and individuals say they are considering various responses, including legal action. A leader at the Finsbury Park Mosque called for a boycott of the bank.

The Muslim Association of Britain said a bank account it opened with HSBC earlier this year was closed after three days. The nonprofit Helping Households Under Great Stress, which helps the families of Muslim prisoners accused of terrorism offenses, had an account with Barclays frozen in the past month, it says.