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July 20, 2016

Mystery Ore. Donor Has Given Away $55,000, $100 at a Time

A mysterious philanthropist in Salem, Ore., has given away tens of thousands of dollars in recent years via a trail of $100 bills hidden in public places or tucked into consumer products, writes The Washington Post. Currency bearing the signature “Benny” has been found on sales tables at festivals, in pockets of clothing, and in packages of cereal, diapers, and baby wipes, among other places.

Capi Lynn, a columnist for the Salem Statesman Journal who has been tracking the giveaway since 2013, said more than $55,000 in “Benny” finds have been reported to her. More than half of recipients opt to “pay it forward,” she has written, giving their $100 to causes — notably food banks, animal-rescue groups, and schools — or spending it on acts of kindness toward others.