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May 16, 2012

N.Y. African Art Museum Delayed to Raise $10-Million

New York's Museum for African Art has pushed back its planned opening later this year, saying it needed to raise $10-million more to complete construction of its new home in East Harlem, says The New York Times.

The delay is the fifth in three years for the museum, slated to occupy the bottom floors of a luxury condominium high-rise being built at 110th Street and Fifth Avenue. The project broke ground in 2007, months before the Recession began.

The museum, which shut down its temporary gallery in Queens seven years ago, had raised $86.3-million for the new facility as of last year. Elsie McCabe Thompson, the museum's president, said attempting to open the 70,000-square-foot center before the condo structure is finished, or switching to a less costly design, would drain "out the very life of the building."