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May 18, 2015

N.Y. Governor Pushes Tax Break for Private-School Attendees

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo visited religious institutions Sunday to promote a plan to give tax credits to families of private-school students, signaling his intention to make the bill a priority as the state legislative session winds down, writes The New York Times.

The campaign-style tour included churches and a yeshiva, where Mr. Cuomo touted the measure as a means for children to escape "failing public schools."

The Democratic governor's proposal would also award tax credits to businesses and individuals who donate to nonprofits that fund scholarships to religious and other private schools. The bill, announced last week, would provide $150 million in tax breaks a year, with families with incomes up to $60,000 a year eligible for credits of up to $500 per student. An earlier version of the plan that did not include the family tax credit was stripped from Mr. Cuomo's budget blueprint by Democratic lawmakers.