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January 30, 2015

N.Y. Legal-Aid Nonprofit Rebuked Over Anti-Police Video

A New York City-funded legal-aid organization is under fire over participation by two of its lawyers in a rap-music video that includes lyrics about killing officers as retribution for the deaths of young black men at police hands, writes The New York Times. A report issued Thursday by the city's Department of Investigations sharply criticizes Bronx Defenders for cooperating with the video, which was posted online last month.

The charity, which provides public defenders for low-income and minority clients, receives about $20-million a year from the city. The investigative report concludes that the two lawyers, who are shown in the video working on a case in the Bronx Defenders office, knew of the video's violent content before filming and that Robin Steinberg, the group's executive director, approved their participation without reviewing the lyrics. City officials demanded that the group take disciplinary action against the lawyers.