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November 13, 2012

N.Y. Marathon Nonprofit Gives 1% of Revenue to Charity

While New York City Marathon participants raised tens of millions of dollars for charity last year, New York Road Runners, the race's nonprofit organizer of the New York City Marathon, donated less than 1 percent of its $53.8-million in revenue, the New York Post writes. The Road Runners gave $494,000 in 2011, slightly les than it paid CEO Mary Wittenberg. About 42 percent of its giving benefited the Road Runners' children's programs, with the rest primarily supporting other running groups across the country.

The organization has publicly touted the race's charity impact but does not claim in its mission statement to be a fundraising organization, stating its goal as promoting distance running and fitness. It gets about half of its revenue from entry fees for more than 50 races it organizes, with the rest coming from sponsors, donors, and membership fees, according to Internal Revenue Service filings.