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February 05, 2015

N.Y. Nonprofit Ousts Legal-Aid Lawyers Over Anti-Police Video

Two public defenders have been forced to resign from a New York City-funded legal-aid organization after appearing in a rap video that called for killing police officers, reports The New York Times. The executive director of Bronx Defenders, Robin Steinberg, was suspended for 60 days without pay following a city inquiry into the charity's role in the video, which was posted on YouTube shortly after a grand jury decided not to charge officers in the death of a Staten Island man, Eric Garner, after police put him in a choke hold.

City officials had given Bronx Defenders until Wednesday to take disciplinary action against lawyers Kumar Rao and Ryan Napoli, who are shown in the clip working on a police-brutality case in the charity's offices. Elsewhere in the video, a man in a police uniform is seen staring down a gun barrel as rappers say it is "time to start killing these coppers." Mr. Rao said he had expected to be involved in editing the video and did not know it featured images of violence against officers until it appeared online.