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July 25, 2014

NYC Taps Cultural Institutions to Promote New ID Cards

The New York City Mayor's Office is turning to major cultural institutions to help create incentives around a new municipal identification card, The New York Times reports.

Mayor Bill De Blasio's cultural affairs commissioner reached out to arts executives about offering benefits such as memberships or discounted tickets to card holders. All of the contacted parties are members of the Cultural Institutions Group, which includes the Met Museum, Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Museum, and others.

New York will join a number of cities that in recent years have created municipal identification cards, designed in part for undocumented immigrants who struggle to find work and access services without drivers' licenses and passports.

The overture signals that the current administration sees the arts community as part of the solution to challenges facing the city, leaders said. Still, the arts executives have indicated they must consider the associated costs before moving ahead with any of the proposed benefits.