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August 26, 2014

New 'Bucket' Challenge Aims to Build Solidarity with Gazans

A Palestinian journalist has launched a "rubble bucket challenge," an adaptation of the ice-bucket challenge that urges people to publicly show support for Gazans affected by Israeli air strikes, The Daily Telegraph and The Washington Post write.

In a video posted online Saturday, Ayman el-Aloul says water is too valuable in Gaza "to empty over our heads." Pointing to the ruins of buildings behind him, he says that "we looked around us ... and decided to use it instead of iced water," after which another man empties a pail of the rubble on him.

El-Aloul says the campaign is not seeking "material aid" for Palestinians but rather expressions of solidarity with their suffering amid the war in Gaza, where more than 17,000 homes have been destroyed or irreparably damaged in 50 days of fighting. The challenge has spawned Facebook pages encouraging people to dump sand, dirt, and rocks on their heads.