March 04, 2016

New Leaders at the American India Foundation and Concern Worldwide U.S.

Grameen Foundation

Alex Counts, who founded the Grameen Foundation, is taking over as chief executive of the American India Foundation, which works to reduce poverty there and bring about social and economic change.

American India Foundation

Alex Counts, founder and former president of the Grameen Foundation, will take over from M.A. Ravi Kumar as chief executive of the foundation, which works to reduce poverty in India and bring about social and economic change there.

Mr. Counts led the Grameen Foundation for 18 years. He started the organization in 1997 with a $6,000 seed grant from Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist who founded Grameen Bank, a microfinance organization and community-development bank in Bangladesh.

Before the Grameen Foundation, Mr. Counts worked as a regional project manager for CARE in Bangladesh and was a senior research fellow at the Grameen Bank.

Concern Worldwide U.S.

Jack Haire, former chief executive of Parade Media Group, which was acquired by Athlon Media Group in 2014, will be chief executive.

Praxis Project

Xavier Morales, executive director of Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, was appointed executive director.

Other notable changes:

Rebecca Bowen, chief development officer at Panthera, was appointed executive vice president and chief development officer of the YMCA of the USA.

Tim McGowan, deputy vice president for alumni and development marketing and communications at Columbia University, will be assistant vice president for strategic donor engagement at Princeton University.

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Note: A photo caption in previous version of this article said Alex Counts is the new chief executive at the Grameen Foundation. His new role is at the American India Foundation.