August 14, 2012

New PAC for Nonprofits Endorses Its First Candidates

CForward, a political-action committee that was set up last year to promote candidates who pledge to stand up for nonprofits, has made its first endorsements.

They include five contenders for state legislatures and one each for city council, mayor, and the U.S. House of Representatives.

"Our choices are not based on any single issue, or geography, gender, or political party," the group said in a statement. With governments cutting budgets across the country, it looked for candidates that would "promote our role in creating jobs, attracting investment dollars and maintaining the civil society required for traditional business to thrive."

Robert Egger, who founded CFoward, said he hopes that nonprofit employees nationwide  will contribute to the candidates' campaigns. "We want to attract hundreds, if not thousand, of small contributions," he said in an e-mail. "In a local mayor's race, or state legislature run, that can have huge impact."

He said CForward is accepting donations as well and so far has received about $35,000.

CForward has endorsed the following candidates:

• Kate Bolz, state Legislature, Nebraska

• Andy Dinniman, state Senate, Pennsylvania

• Ellie Hill, state House of Representatives, Montana

• Becky Massey, state Senate, Tennessee

• Nate Shinagawa, U.S. House of Representatives, New York

• Sam Singh, state House of Representatives, Michigan

• Jefferson Smith, mayor, Portland, Ore.

• Sean Sullivan, City Council, Oakland, Calif.

Ms. Massey is a Republican and the other candidates are Democrats.

Several have nonprofit experience. For example, Mr. Singh is former chief executive of the Michigan Nonprofit Association; Mr. Smith founded Bus Project, a mobile voter-engagement nonprofit; and Ms. Hill is former executive director of a local homeless shelter.

CFoward said it would soon endorse additional candidates.

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