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May 10, 2012

Nonprofit Groups Sprout to Give Voice to Young and Jobless

Two new nonprofit groups are ramping up advocacy efforts on behalf of young adults and recent college graduates whose unemployment rate is double the national average, writes The New York Times.

The Campaign for Young America and Fix Young America are laying plans for grass-roots and legislative efforts to help find jobs for people under 25, whose unemployment rate was 16.4 percent in April, compared to 8.1 percent nationally.

The Campaign for Young America, an offshoot of nonprofit organization Young Invincibles, is conducting roundtables in more than 20 states bringing together young people, Occupy Wall Street protesters, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. Fix Young America has assembled a panel of political, academic, and business leaders to brainstorm solutions for boosting youth employment.

The new groups are nonpartisan, but Young Invincibles co-founder Aaron Smith said his organization aimed to channel the "bottled-up energy and frustration" manifested in the Occupy movement "into something tangible."