March 02, 2015

Northeastern U. Makes Tardy Payment to Boston for City Services

After receiving criticism for making no payment to the city of Boston for municipal services provided in fiscal year 2014, Northeastern University has made a retroactive contribution of $886,000, The Boston Globe writes. Northeastern was among several private Boston colleges that did not make city-requested voluntary payments in lieu of taxes, or PILOTs, to help cover the cost of police and fire protection, snow removal, and other services last year.

The payment matched Northeastern's fiscal 2012 and '13 PILOTs but fell well short of the $2.5-million Boston sought under a program in which the city asks nonprofits with large landholdings to voluntarily pay a quarter of what they would owe if the property was taxed. The university said it paid late because school officials first wanted to discuss the issue with Boston's new mayor, Martin J. Walsh, who took office in January. Northeastern has criticized the city's formula for calculating PILOTs and says it already spends tens of millions of dollars on community benefits.