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May 12, 2015

Obama Foundation Officially Names Chicago as Library Site

Formally confirming a long-rumored decision, the Barack Obama Foundation announced early Tuesday that Chicago's South Side will be home to the future Obama presidential library, The New York Times reports.

The facility will be built in either Washington Park or Jackson Park in partnership with the University of Chicago, one of four institutional finalists for the project.

"All the strands of my life came together, and I really became a man, when I moved to Chicago. That’s where I was able to apply that early idealism to try to work in communities in public service," Mr. Obama said in a videotaped announcement. The Hawaii native worked as a community organizer in Chicago before his political ascent from the state legislature to the U.S. Senate to the White House.

The president reportedly signed off on the selection late last month. The University of Hawaii, Columbia University in New York, and the University of Illinois at Chicago were also in the running, but the University of Chicago bid had long been considered the frontrunner, particularly after Illinois lawmakers passed and Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill aimed at removing potential legal roadblocks to building it on city parkland.