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May 27, 2015

Opinion: Anti-Koch Campus Activists Seek to Silence Debate

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, an official with the Charles Koch Foundation decries what he terms "strong-arm tactics" by advocacy groups scrutinizing universities' relationships with grant makers on political grounds. John Hardin, the foundation's director of university relations, cites activists' open-records requests to access faculty members' emails at Mississippi State, Michigan State, and other institutions that have received funding from the conservative Koch brothers.

Mr. Hardin also discusses the "UnKoch My Campus" campaign that has called for higher-education institutions in several states "to stop accepting our gifts and push the programs these support off campus." He says right-wing groups have also taken part in "campus crusades to silence those with whom they disagree," adding, "Students, faculty and society will suffer if they succeed in driving the diversity of ideas from America's college campuses."