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September 24, 2015

Opinion: History Raises Red Flags for Broad's L.A. School Plans

The American Prospect looks at a plan reportedly championed by billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad to significantly ramp up charter schooling in Los Angeles in the context of other recent, donor-driven attempts to radically reform urban school systems.

Confidential documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times outline a strategy by charter advocates to get charter enrollment in Los Angeles up to 50 percent of students and create a national model for urban education. Backers hope to tap prominent philanthropists and foundations to raise $490 million for the plan.

The proposal carries echoes of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's $100-million donation intended to remake Newark, N.J.'s public schools, as dissected in journalist Dale Russakoff's new book, The Prize, and reflects the transformative ambitions of much modern-day philanthropy, the Prospect writes. The article also cites a recent series of posts on the evolution of education giving on HistPhil, a blog about the history of philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.