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October 21, 2015

Opinion: Teach for America's Biggest Problem Is Thin Skin

An alumnus-turned-critic of Teach for America takes the teacher-training nonprofit to task in a column in The Washington Post for what the writer says is a hyper-vigilant response to those who question its methods and results. T. Jameson Brewer co-edited a recent book of critical assessments of Teach for America by veterans of the 26-year-old nonprofit, which recruits new college graduates for two-year teaching stints in low-income communities.

Mr. Brewer said TFA faces "real problems" such as declining applications and low retention rates. He also said critics claim the organization does not adequately prepare new teachers, and that it pursues a corporate-backed agenda for education reform and has not supported claims of better classroom results. Rather than address those issues, TFA has "spent millions of dollars on a press shop built to promote its brand while aggressively and proactively discrediting critiques," he writes. "This is bad for the organization, and it’s bad for students."