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August 10, 2016

Opinion: Why Philanthropy Needs to Embrace ‘Black Rage’

An African-American nonprofit leader argues in an essay on Medium that grant makers and nonprofits urgently need to reflect, and act upon, the anger in communities of color over inequality and racial violence.

Invested Impact CEO Rodney Foxworth Jr., whose organization promotes mission investing and social enterprises in Baltimore, describes his growing rage over encounters with well-meaning white foundation leaders who counsel patience while they work to bring donors and trustees on board to tackle rampant violence and disinvestment in communities like his.

“As a black man working in social impact and philanthropy, I spend many hours each day contorting myself to meet the idiosyncratic whims of philanthropists who move without moral urgency nor operate with a sense of righteous indignation,” Mr. Foxworth writes. “My question to donors, funders, and trustees: When will you get angry enough to stop waiting?”